Tony Svanström

An old school IT-nerd; or, in polite speak, a systems architect and IT-generalist (Linux, server admin, full-stack developer etc).

Background ranging from everything between programming to being the technical expert working on whatever needs to get done, to startup advisor; with the occasional stint at clubs/bars working with sound/light, bartending, and security.

Although a techie at heart, the human aspect is always front and center; technology is a tool, not a purpose in itself.

Generally speaking a minimalist; preferring solutions with as few breakable parts as possible.

Always on the lookout for interesting projects; and a huge fan of being bought fancy coffee by people pitching ideas.

World citizen; based in Sweden, with a growing interest in Hong Kong.

Systems architect

Systems architects define the architecture of a computerized system (i.e., a system composed of software and hardware) in order to fulfill certain requirements.

Such definitions include: a breakdown of the system into components, the component interactions and interfaces (including with the environment, especially the user), and the technologies and resources to be used in the design.

The Systems Architect's work must avoid implementation issues and readily permit unanticipated extensions/modifications in future stages.

Because of the extensive experience required for this, the Systems Architect is typically a very senior technician with substantial, but general, knowledge of hardware, software, and similar systems.

But above all, the systems architect must be reasonably familiar with the users' domain of experience. Wikipedia.


Preferred style of communication, in order, for first contact: short text, long text, meeting, video call, sip call, phone call.


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