Tony Svanström


This is my personal blog/calendar; for any work-related stuff you should head over to This website is mostly just a semi-public source of data for software that I'm developing. Posts will come and go, they might change, there will be nonsense/filler posts; and from time to time things will break.

Aaand… we're officially online. ^_^ I'm coding everything from scratch; and as soon as I've gotten the most basic bugs out of this place I'll add a work blog over at That one will focus mostly on my own projects; sharing progress, presentations, snippets of code, and it'll also be where I put up some experimental arguments/‌explanations about what I'm working on (the more esoteric/‌philosophical stuff).


Got an introduction to John Company. Six rounds; six players; I ended up with 15 points. Definitely a fun game, and surprisingly easy to learn (considering the complexities of the gameplay). But… As an occasional player I'm not a fan of how the randomness-element of the game is too overpowering as the game approaches the end. In an otherwise even and well-balanced game the outcome can literally be decided by the way a dice falls.

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